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Cherry On Top was born from the idea that frozen yogurt is more than just delicious taste and lots of flavors. Today’s market is an ever demanding group of health enthusiasts that demand more healthy options than ever before. As you read through the information on our different frozen desserts, you will discover that partnering with us will help you sell more, profit more, inventory less, all while reaching new markets of loyal high volume customers.

Stand Out With Superior Taste.

Basic frozen yogurt can be purchased anywhere. What makes your store stand out is carrying our unique sweetened offerings that cannot be found anywhere else. Taste has been the center piece of our success. We have over 30 years of experience creating delicious tasting yogurts with our own proprietary flavors. It makes no sense to offer specialty yogurts if the customer is left with a bad experience. No matter which of the yogurts you decide to serve, you can always count on great tasting flavors that exceed our competition and please your customers every visit.

Our Menu

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Frozen yogurt

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 Fruit Ice Cream

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